Reand Αρτια Πορεια Eλεγκτική Εταιρεια Πατρα. Ορκωτοι Λογιστες Πατρα

About Reand

Your Own Boutique Audit Firm valuing your Business.

ARTIA PORIA ELEGTIKI LTD. is an organization with an object of the provision of auditing, tax and consulting services. Among the company's customers they also include companies listed on the Stock Exchange Athens.


Pursuit of a ARTIA PORIA ELEGTIKI LTD. is growth fully developed auditing tools of international standards.

The marriage of an international "state of the art" know-how with peculiarities of the Greek business space, make it organization pioneer in the development of a Greek auditing profession, able to secure a in-depth understanding of audited companies by auditors, which with absolute consistency they serve their mission.


At ARTIA POREIA ELEGTIKI LTD. our goal is to build trust in society and resolve major problems.

Our values ​​define who we are, what we stand for and how behave and help us work towards its goal building trust in society and solving important problems.

The trust our customers, communities and our people at ARTIA POREIA ELEGTIKI E.P.E. and the highs Our standards of ethical behavior are fundamental to everything doing. Our values ​​underpin our Code of Conduct, o which is our frame of reference for the decisions that we receive daily.


ARTIA PORIA ELEGTIKI LTD. is a member of the international network of Reanda International, the first professional network accounting firm of China working with independent firms from overseas countries and regions.

These companies provide consulting services for assurance, tax advice and expert provision of advice to private companies and transnational groups Reanda is the company that created by Reanda Certified Public Accountants “Reanda CPA”), a chartered accounting firm that was founded in Beijing in 1993. Today, Reanda CPA is the leading company in China with over 20 offices and staff 2,000 people

By offering reliability and consistency we can stand by you as a valid partner, regardless of its size your business and to give you solutions that will go the your company one step further.

Meet Reanda International


Our Services

Audit Services

Audit services include a wide range assurance tasks, such as auditing and the overview of financial statements the pre-agreed work procedures, etc.

Tax Services

Corporate taxation is an important part of it financial management of an organization. His purpose tax planning as part of the overall of an organization's business strategy is to tax risks are avoided.


The global business environment is evolving quickly. For this reason, businesses increasingly they more often make use of external expertise and expert advice when these needs arise.

We are a greek company


+30 211 18 25 451
Νικολάου Καζαντζάκη 4, 13 561-Αθήνα


+30 6974 899 419
Ι. Σταΐκου 7, 30 100-Αγρίνιο


+30 2610 453 669
Κορίνθου 4-8, 26 223-Πάτρα

Get in touch

Patras: +30 2610-453 669
Athens: +30 211 18 25 451 & 211 41 19 358
Agrinio: +30 6974 899 419

Our Offices
Patras: Korinthou 4-8, 26 223
Agrinio: Ι. Staikou 7, 30 100
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