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Audit & Tax firm
  • audit services
    Audit services include a wide range of tasks assurance,
    such as control and review of financial statements,
    the work of pre-agreed procedures, etc.
  • Tax Services
    Corporate taxation is an important part of it financial management of an organization.
    The purpose of tax planning as part of the overall business strategy
    of an organization is to avoid tax risks.
  • Consulting Services
    Global business environment is evolving rapidly.
    For this reason, businesses are increasingly using
    external expertise and specialist advice when these needs arise.

About Reand


Why us.

ARTIA PORIA ELEGTIKI LTD. will provide to your company, as well as to its other clients, every service that includes the range of responsibilities of Certified Public Accountants.

The high level of the company is ensured by two key factors:

ARTIA PORIA ELEGTIKI LTD. performs each task according to the International Auditing Standards, as they are adopted by the European Union.

ARTIA PORIA ELEGTIKI LTD. applies the rules and principles governing the prestige of Reanda International's international network





Meet Reanda International


Years of successful work
in the market

Our clients


The trust that our customers, communities and people have in ARTIA POREIA ELEGTIKI LTD. and our high standards of ethical behavior are fundamental to everything we do. Our values ​​underpin our Code of Conduct, which is our frame of reference for the decisions we make every day.

Our clients include industries such as manufacturing, public, banking, energy, telecommunications. The company's clients include companies listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.

Get in touch

Patras: +30 2610-453 669
Athens: +30 211 18 25 451 & 211 41 19 358
Agrinio: +30 6974 899 419

Our Offices
Patras: Korinthou 4-8, 26 223
Agrinio: Ι. Staikou 7, 30 100
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