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Tax Services

Corporate taxation is an important part of an organization's financial management. The purpose of tax planning as part of an organization's overall business strategy is to avoid tax risks.

  1. Organization of accounting and Internal Control Systems.
  2. Tax planning and strategies.
  3. Documentation of intra-group transactions (transfer pricing).
  4. Applications of the Greek Accounting Standards and Costing.
  5. Tax Advice and Audit Certificates for tax use.
  6. Application of International Accounting Standards in companies and Organizations.

Our Services

Audit Services

Audit services include a wide range assurance tasks, such as auditing and the overview of financial statements the pre-agreed work procedures, etc.

Tax Services

Corporate taxation is an important part of it financial management of an organization. His purpose tax planning as part of the overall of an organization's business strategy is to tax risks are avoided.


The global business environment is evolving quickly. For this reason, businesses increasingly they more often make use of external expertise and expert advice when these needs arise.

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